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    body blueprint - 1/14/2010 8:37:21 PM

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    Joined: 1/15/2010

     hello everyone, after 2 years im getting back on the wagon and giving this another go round.  I pulled my box out of the closet and im ready to start full speed ahead.  however i have a question.  I just took the online blueprint, it says im a "c"  looking at my previous time i was a "b"  so i retook the test to see what came out this time and it was a "b"   


     my question is should i stick with B,  or do as my husband says  "well we live in the present not the past, and the first time said c, so you should move forward with that" 


     what do you guys think?

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    Re: body blueprint - 1/14/2010 11:41:59 PM
    Associate Recipe Consultant Gail



    Body Type: C
    Start Weight: 164.4
    Current Weight: reached goal 1/25/05
    Goal Weight: 134

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    Joined: 11/8/2004

    I'm a little confused.  Let me see if I'm understanding:  you recently took the online test and it came out showing you're Type C; you've taken it previously and it indicated Type B.  Because you got conflicting information, you took the test again (the written one, I'm assuming?) and it came out Type B again?  Normally, we suggest going by the results of the written test.

    There are two other things you can do.  

    1. In our "Answers to Common 6 Week Body Makeover Questions" FAQ, you'll find a post which says "Try the online blueprint."  Perhaps you went there the last time to access the test.   However, there is a second message in that thread which gives descriptions of each body type.  Have a look and see if that helps you make a decision.

    2.  Filling out your profile (starting and desired weight, height, weight gain history and a full body photo, if available) can be very helpful for Associate BMOS Tenderpaw to help you determine your body type.  So if you're still not sure, that's another avenue to explore.

    Normally speaking, if you were a B before, you're likely still a B.  Body Types normally don't change unless one has lost a significant amount of one's body mass.  If you used the program and were successfully losing as Type B, that's yet another reason to stay with that body type.


    Effective February 2013, I'll be moving on to other Provida adventures and will no longer be part of the 6WBM staff.   I've enjoyed working with you all and wish you the best with your weight loss endeavors.

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