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    Type C food list, where to find it - 6/8/2008 5:03:15 PM

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    Hi Folks

    Just starting, Type C. I remember seeing a list of all the foods for type C but cannot find it now. Any clues as to where that is.


    Also with he infinite meal planner do I use the letters that go with my plan?  C only?





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    Re: Type C food list, where to find it - 6/8/2008 7:32:35 PM
    Associate Recipe Consultant Gail



    Body Type: C
    Start Weight: 164.4
    Current Weight: reached goal 1/25/05
    Goal Weight: 134

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    Not quite sure what you saw.  Your Infinite Menu Planner is your list of foods-- due to copyright restrictions we do not post actual lists of foods on this site.  The only other thing I can think of-- and it's not specific to any particular body type-- is the "Additions to the Infinite Menu Planner" which is found on page three of the "Answers to Common 6 Week Body Makeover Questions" FAQ.  To get there, scroll upward on your screen and click FAQ.

    To clarify, body type and food types are two different classifications, so no, you don't choose Food C (in fact there is no such thing as Veggie C, you'll notice, and you definitely need veggies on this plan.)   Find the appropriate Fast Track card for your type and gender.  Under each meal as the last listing you'll find a section entitled "Infinite Menu Planner Choices" which typically gives at least one choice for Protein (usually A or B except dinner, when the choice is broadened) and a choice of either Carb, Fruit or Veggie.
    Look in your Infinite Menu Planner to see what is included in each classification and make a choice from each food type.  Letters do not have to match.

    Just so you're aware, you are posting in an unmoderated section of the forums-- so unless you simply would like to chat with other Type C members, you may wish to post your questions in the Newbies Forum where it's more apt to be quickly spotted and responded to.  Answers in this forum are sort of hit and miss.

    Hope that explained. 


    Effective February 2013, I'll be moving on to other Provida adventures and will no longer be part of the 6WBM staff.   I've enjoyed working with you all and wish you the best with your weight loss endeavors.

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