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    List of Foods for Type B Body Type? - 3/24/2010 11:42:41 AM


    Body Type: B
    Start Weight: 189
    Current Weight: 184
    Goal Weight: 127

    Posts: 6
    Joined: 3/22/2010

    I will be starting the program on Sunday and need to know what are the foods I am allowed to eat before I go to the grocery store. I am having trouble understanding which fruits and veggies I am allowed to have, and what is a serving of egg whites? 2,3,4?

    I understand that a chicken breast is 4 g of protein, but do I eat the whole chicken breast or only half? I am confused.

    Can someone let me know what basic staples to keep in my pantry and in my fridge? I love fruit, but am not sure which ones I can have as a type B.




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    Re: List of Foods for Type B Body Type? - 3/24/2010 2:44:03 PM
    BMOS Pamela


    C 4-3-5

    Body Type: C
    Smart Behavior: Foodaholic
    Start Weight: 193
    Goal Weight: 125-143

    Posts: 7511
    Joined: 10/31/2002

    The Fast Track card for your Body Type shows which Types of food are appropriate for each meal.  You can then use your Infinite Menu Planner to pick Foods of those Types that you will enjoy having for your meals.  We don't provide any type-specific food lists.  Most body types get to use the same basic foods during the reduction phase and everybody needs to make their own choices from them based on their unique preferences.

    It was an honored privilege to serve this community starting in 2002 giving advice, then working behind the scenes managing the online help desk, and for over 2 years as the primary Specialist and Administrator of these forums.  Yet, sadly, I had to leave those roles in March of 2012.  May you each find what you need here, and in yourselves.  It works when followed as written.  You're worth the effort, always.  You may submit program related questions to "BMOS JP".  Technical questions may be sent to the "Forum Admin" account.

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    Re: List of Foods for Type B Body Type? - 3/24/2010 6:17:50 PM
    Associate Recipe Consultant Gail



    Body Type: C
    Start Weight: 164.4
    Current Weight: reached goal 1/25/05
    Goal Weight: 134

    Posts: 16198
    Joined: 11/8/2004

     Since I noted you posted a related question in the Type B Support forum, I addressed your post there.

    I'm also wondering if you're perhaps having trouble understanding how to use your Fast Track card, so here's a link to a post where I discussed that with someone else.  See if it helps.

    Just so you're clear, the specifics of your eating plan are copyrighted information, and it's a violation of the User Agreement on this site for us to divulge that information here.  Your Fast Track card tells you which food groups are your choices at each meal time.  You'll then need to go to your Infinite Menu Planner (affectionately known here as "the flippy book") to see what foods are listed in each of those food groups.

    Still confused?  Please ask.  We're here to help!  Smile


    Effective February 2013, I'll be moving on to other Provida adventures and will no longer be part of the 6WBM staff.   I've enjoyed working with you all and wish you the best with your weight loss endeavors.

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